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Monday - August 27, 2012

Mother-in-Law Mayhem

Robert says his mom, Kathy, calls him and his wife, Viv, 20 to 30 times a day, and if they don't answer, will leave verbally-abusive voicemails and then call their work, other relatives, and even the police, until she gets a response. Robert and Viv say Kathy’s behavior is ruining their month-long marriage. Is kicking Kathy out of their lives the newlyweds’ only option? Is Robert contributing to his mom's behavior? Kathy admits she's overprotective and has trouble letting go of her son, but says her voicemails are in response to the vile things Robert says to her. She says she doesn't understand why her only child "treats her like a dog." Can Dr. Phil help this family establish healthy boundaries? If your extended family is coming between you and your spouse, Dr. Phil has advice for keeping the peace.


Tuesday - August 28, 2012

Fix It or End It Today

Can a relationship survive infidelity? Meet two couples who say infidelity has pushed them to the brink of breaking up and must now choose: stay together or end it for good! First, Candace says her boyfriend, Bryan, is a habitual cheater but she keeps taking him back for the sake of their 4-month-old child. She says Bryan has even flown across the country to meet up with another woman, and when she confronted him with a photograph to prove his philandering, he simply created a more elaborate lie. Bryan admits that he enjoys flirting and that he has been unfaithful, but claims that Candace has cheated too. Can their relationship be salvaged? Then, Amanda says she’s caught her husband, Dusty, emailing a woman on an adult social networking site, kissing a friend’s ex-wife and exchanging provocative text messages with yet another woman. Dusty admits he “hasn’t been perfect,” and accuses Amanda of being overbearing and blowing his “flirtations” out of proportion. Don't miss Dr. Phil's shocking advice for the couple. Plus, both couples engage in an exercise that will decide their collective fate. Tune in to see who stays together and who calls it quits!


Wednesday - August 29, 2012

From Teenage Star to Addicted and Homeless

At 19, Monet Monico was fast becoming an acting and singing sensation, opening for teen heartthrob Jesse McCartney and appearing on Disney’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101. But just two years later, Monet’s family says the Hollywood hopeful has gone from promising young talent to homeless heroin addict, and they’re desperate for help. Monet’s mother, Diane, says she believes her daughter turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with her father's death and has been on a downward spiral ever since. Diane says she promptly put Monet in rehab, but after the now 21-year-old checked herself out and relapsed — four times — she kicked her out of the house, and Monet has been living on the streets with her addict boyfriend, Chris. Monet’s family gets a firsthand look at what a typical day is like for the young couple as Dr. Phil cameras follow them in their desperate quest to find their next fix. Then, don’t miss what happens when Monet and Chris face her family for the first time in six months on Dr. Phil’s stage. If given another chance at sobriety, will she take it?


Thursday - August 30, 2012

Grand Canyon Child Abuse

Chris Carlson, 45, took his three grandchildren on vacation to the Grand Canyon, and while there, he was arrested and charged with child abuse, because park rangers said he was too hard on the kids. Carlson has been convicted of three counts of criminally negligent child abuse and is in federal custody awaiting sentencing. He speaks to Dr. Phil from behind bars about what he says happened on the hike. Tara, the children's mother, has temporarily lost custody of her kids and is desperate to get them back. Does she believe her father went too far?


Friday - August 31, 2012

Caught on Tape: A Mom's Out-of-Control Rage

Summer, 17, says her mother, Susan, has been a “raging lunatic” for the past nine years, claiming Susan yells and curses, has stabbed paintings, mattresses and walls with knives and even physically attacked her husband, Summer’s father, Peter — and her wrath has been documented in at least 60 home videos. Summer says the chaos in the home led to her becoming a promiscuous, out-of-control teenager who was using drugs by age 13. Although she has since cleaned up her life, Summer says she's now concerned for her 20-year-old sister, Amber, who has turned to drugs and alcohol — she suspects for the same reasons. Peter says his wife’s violent rages are often aimed at him. Find out why he says he refuses to leave, no matter what. Susan says her entire family has turned against her, and she has one foot out the door. What is at the root of her rage? Can Dr. Phil help her heal her fractured family?